Rather than a weekly church service, Mosaic Chapel meets each week in homes and coffee shops. And then once a month, all our Groups come together for an All-Group Gathering, with worship, teaching, baptisms, communion, and an opportunity to celebrate together everything God is doing in and through the people of Mosaic Chapel.

Fall 2020 Series

LIFE ON MISSION: Life beings at the edge of your comfort zone

Growing up on boats, there’s one thing I know: a boat has to be moving to steer. This Fall, we’re going to explore what it means to live a life of movement, hearing God’s voice, stepping out of our comfort zone and ultimately, mission. We’ll explore three key topics: 1. Personal Identity – who am I? 2. Personal Mission – where am I going? And 3. Community Mission – where are we going? We’ll do this series in both our All-Group Gatherings and our Groups. Here’s to 2020 – far beyond the edge of my comfort zone!


Sunday, September 13

Sunday, October 11

Sunday, November 8

Sunday, December 13

Sunday, December 20 (Christmas Service)

Time: 4:30 PM – Happy (Half) Hour – Rather than a potluck dinner, this Fall, we’re doing a Happy (Half) Hour! Join us for prepackaged snacks, drinks and community before the Gathering.

5:00 PM – All-Group Gathering

Location: Social Hall at Christ the King Church, 4383 Durston Rd, Bozeman

Face Coverings at Mosaic Chapel

This Fall, I’m asking everyone to please honor Governor Bullock’s Directive and wear a face covering while indoors at a Mosaic Chapel Group or Gathering. This means that when we’re indoors and not eating, we’ll wear face coverings. Please plan to bring your own. We’ll also have extra disposable ones available. This request comes after discussing the Directive with our leaders, our parent church Faith Chapel, and talking with our Home Group Hosts, the wonderful people in our community of faith who’ve graciously agreed to open their homes in an uncertain time. Thank you for taking this simple step to protect each other, honor the homes we’re meeting in, and create a safe environment where we can gather and worship. – Pastor Molly

Click here to learn more about our Fall 2020 Safety Plan.