After much prayer and hours of conversation, we have decided to partner with The Table, a non-traditional church in Belgrade, MT. Both Mosaic Chapel and The Table are highly-relational, missionally-minded communities about the same size and age. Both communities are committed to collaborative leadership teams, diverse and creative expressions of faith, pursuing opportunities to meet practical needs in the community, and planting the Gospel in new ground. Partnership Events this fall include:

Visit Sundays – November 14 and December 5

Join us for Visit Sundays! These Sundays are an opportunity for our two communities to get to know each other. They include a potluck, discussion, and a meet and greet time with Pastor Cody.
Visit Sunday #1 – Sunday, November 14 (Pastor Cody speaking, The Table leading worship)
Visit Sunday #2 – Sunday, December 5 (Pastor Molly speaking, Mosaic Chapel leading worship)
Time & Location: 9:30-11:30am, Belgrade High School Cafeteria, 303 N. Hoffman Ave, Belgrade

Christmas Service – Sunday, December 19, 9:30am

Join us for Christmas! Our Christmas Service will be our first official event of our newly combined community. It will include Christmas carols, teaching, and all our favorite Christmas traditions, including the Kids’ Nativity. 
Time & Location: 9:30-11:30am, Belgrade High School Cafeteria, 303 N. Hoffman Ave, Belgrade

Partnership Details

Below you will find a variety of details about this partnership, as well as an FAQ Section at the end. In the video above, both Molly and Cody share what led to both of them to this consider this, and why we believe this is the next right thing for both of these communities. In addition, you’re welcome to contact both Cody and Molly with any additional questions you have.

Both of these churches bring a variety of strengths, including:

What Mosaic Chapel Brings
~50 committed participants
Broad worship team
A strong contingent of 20-somethings
Volunteer culture
Established home groups culture
Established Global Engagement project
Leadership team of 18 (license pastors, marriage coaches, group and ministry leaders)

What The Table Brings
~60 committed participants
Excellent Pastor and Bible teacher
Multi-generational community and leaders
Kids’ ministry and establishing a youth person
Non-traditional Sunday morning service
Passion for local and global engagement
Commitment to establishing a collaborative leadership team

In this new combined community, these strengths will come together to form a richer, broader, more effective community, with a greater capacity for serving people and reaching the Gallatin Valley. We believe this is what God is doing in the next season for both of these churches, and are committed to stewarding that well. Both Cody and Molly are deeply excited for this partnership, and what God will grow from our new combined communities.


We will use the name The Table for the combined community, as well as it’s logo. We will use the name “Mosaic Groups” to describe all our Groups that are part of the community. We believe the names retain the integrity and value they were originally chosen for, as well as avoids the logistics of a significant branding change. For details on why we chose this name, see the FAQ Section at the end.


Cody Whittington will be the Lead Pastor of the combined community. Molly, the current Lead Pastor of Mosaic Chapel, will not retain a leadership role in the new community. In June, Molly accepted a position with the Foursquare Movement as an Associate District Supervisor, serving pastors and churches in the 7 states in the Pacific Northwest. This includes care and engagement with pastors and churches, healthy accountability and logistical support, and mobilizing church planting. Molly will remain a part of the new community, and serve in a support and advisory capacity to Cody.


Our first official combined event will be our Christmas Service on Sunday, December 19. Before then, we are planning a combined outreach project culminating at our Christmas Service. We’ve also planned two “Visit Sundays” where we’re encouraging the Mosaic Chapel Home Groups to visit The Table together. These times will include a potluck brunch, discussion and meet-and-greet for members of each community to get to know each other. These Sundays are:

Visit Sunday #1 – Sunday, November 14 (Pastor Cody speaking)

Visit Sunday #2 – Sunday, December 5 (Pastor Molly speaking)

Location: Belgrade High School Cafeteria – 303 N Hoffman St, Belgrade (9:30-11:30am)

Between now and our Christmas Service, we will be providing a variety of communication to ensure that everyone knows what’s happening, as well as ensuring that all our online content is up-to-date and consistent with our partnership plan.

Leadership Teams

We will merge the leaders of The Table and the leaders of Mosaic Chapel. This includes The Table’s newly formed church council. This combined leader team will spend the first three months of 2022 meeting regularly, praying and getting to know one another. Beginning in April, they will start working together to form a cohesive mission and vision for the next season. 

Sunday Services

The Table will continue to host Sunday services on Sunday mornings. These services look very much like Mosaic Chapel’s All-Group Gatherings, including meeting around tables and sharing a meal, as well as a time of discussion in response to the teaching.

Home Groups (“Mosaic Groups”)

In this new partnership, both the leaders of Mosaic Chapel and the leaders of The Table are committed to developing a church with diverse expressions of community, including an interactive Sunday gathering and transformational home groups. The leaders of The Table have expressed both an interest and excitement in utilizing the experience of Mosaic Chapel’s leaders in developing these Groups. We will work together to develop a variety of group opportunities. These Groups may exist instead of, or in addition to, the weekly Sunday gathering. We hope to provide a variety of opportunities for people to engage in Groups. All these Groups, in their variety and diversity, will be called “Mosaic Groups.”


The Table has a wonderful Kids’ Director who organizes the Sunday morning volunteers and kids’ curriculum. In addition, as a Foursquare church, their kids’ volunteers will utilize Foursquare’s provided Child & Youth Safety Training. Mosaic Chapel kids’ volunteers will be invited to participate, serve and teach.


Both Mosaic Chapel and The Table have a few youth, and desire to provide more intentional youth ministry for them, as well as engage with youth outside the church. With Molly’s input, Cody is working on hiring someone to help develop a youth program.

Worship & Tech Teams

Both churches will work together to combine their worship and tech teams, with the goal of developing two or more worship teams that serve on a rotating basis.

Local Engagement

Both The Table and Mosaic Chapel are committed to engaging with and serving people locally. Both churches have been involved with Love, INC, ChildBridge, ZoeCare, Family Promise and the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. The goal will be that this continues, and even find a more focused way to make a difference. The Table has expressed a desire to serve the homeless and teachers in Belgrade.

Global Engagement

Mosaic Chapel has been involved with Foursquare Disaster Relief from the beginning, and recently committed to a relationship with Faces For Hope, an organization in East Africa that provides resource and education for girls in the Maasai tribes with the goal of preventing them from being sold as child brides. The Table is excited to partner with both of these relationships and continue them. We will continue to give monthly to FDR and develop our relationship with Faces For Hope, including planning a mission trip.

Future Opportunities

Both communities are passionate about church planting and want to plant the Gospel in new ground. As new combined community, with a larger leadership team and more resources, we see church planting in our near future. We’re committed to raising up leaders and sending them out, and ultimately, reaching the Gallatin Valley with the life-giving message of Jesus.

Opportunities to Serve

In this new combined community, there will be a variety of opportunities to serve, to lead, and to live out God’s unique call on each of our lives. As we move forward in this new season, you’re welcome to reach out to us to talk more about opportunities. In addition, we hope to begin sharing those as our new community takes shape. Either way, we’re committed to forming a community that prioritizes and values to gifts and skills of each person that calls The Table their home.

Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Want to get to know us?

Molly DuQue
Lead Pastor, Mosaic Chapel, Bozeman MT

Cody Whittington
Lead Pastor, The Table, Belgrade MT


Why use the name “The Table,” rather than a combined name?

At its most basic, in addition to logistics, we don’t love the combined name options (Example: The Mosaic Table). They’re kind of messy. Although a combined name can be an outward symbol of joined communities, taking the time to develop combined culture, mission and vision is what’s most important. This is how we both prevent people from being lost in the change, and ensure that we’re utilizing the gifts, experiences, resources and passions of all the people to form a life-changing community, make disciples, and impact the Valley. This is what we’re committed to.

I know Mosaic Chapel is a Foursquare Church. Is The Table a Foursquare Church?

Cody went through the Foursquare licensing process last spring and is a licensed Foursquare minister. On Sunday, October 17, The Table had their formal meeting to discuss and vote to become a Foursquare Church. The vibe was overwhelming positive and excited (nearly 100% voted in favor of becoming Foursquare). They have submitted their paperwork and will receive their formal Foursquare Church Covenant status soon.

What role will Molly have in the new combined community?

Molly will retain no formal role in the new combined community. However, she will continue to participate and envisions serving with the kids’ ministry and hospitality, when not traveling to visit other Foursquare churches. In addition, as an Associate District Supervisor with Foursquare Movement, Molly will serve in an advisory and support capacity to Cody, and the community of The Table at large.

I love my Mosaic Chapel Home Group. What will happen to it in this partnership?

Mosaic Chapel Groups can continue to meet “as is,” integrate into The Table’s Sunday service, adjust to participate in both, or some other variation. What happens to each Group is based on what each Group decides to do. In addition, the leaders of The Table are excited to work together to develop life-giving, transformational Groups for this new combined community. Out of this, we envision a variety of new Groups grow. In the coming months, the leadership team will work together to clarify and communicate all the Group opportunities under the title “Mosaic Groups.”

Mosaic Chapel had a female lead pastor. How will this dynamic change in the new combined community?

Both Mosaic Chapel and The Table have strong beliefs regarding the equality of men and women, and God’s empowerment of them to lead. In this combined community, Cody is committed to ensuring there is a regular representation of women in leadership in the church. This includes continuing to develop the leadership skill sets of both men and women, having both men and women serve in leadership roles and on the council, host services and lead worship, and teach.