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Started in 2017, Mosaic Chapel is a new, non-traditional church in the Gallatin Valley, sent out from Faith Chapel in Billings, MT. Mosaic Chapel is led by a team of Home Group Leaders, Ministry Coordinators and Pastors, and we’re part of the Foursquare Movement, a international Christian Denomination. We believe that Jesus should be reflected in all we do, that we are to learn and grow, that being in community is important, and the our lives are meant to be intentional and about serving others. Click here to learn more about our values.

Mosaic Chapel exists to help people grow closer to God.

In our experience, people tend to do that best in smaller communities where they can know people, be known and challenge each other to be their best selves. Because of that, we’ve chosen a non-traditional church model.

Mosaic Chapel has a non-traditional church model

Rather than weekly church services, we meet in homes each week. We share a meal and a discussion about God and faith. It’s warm, friendly and everyone is welcome. Some of our Groups have a kids class, most have music, and all have community. And then once a month, we all come together for an All-Group Gathering with food, music, teaching, baptisms, communion, and celebrating what’s happening in the lives and Groups of Mosaic Chapel. We’re also involved in a variety of local organizations and give to global relief efforts, and have a strong emphasis on leadership development.

Benefits of a Non-Traditional Church

Because our main focus isn’t a Sunday church service, we’re able to put more emphasis on community and collaboration. Specifically, this includes:
A Community-Centric Model: We prioritize getting people into community. We still value important elements like Bible teaching and worship, we’ve just adjusted the format to elevate the role of community.
Interactive Learning Style: We value being more interactive, and focus on growth and understanding through discussion. We invite the contributions, ideas and experiences of the community, rather than solely relying on the ideas and insights of the primary teacher.
Co-Creative Leadership Style: We create room for lots of people to live out their giftings, valuing the voice of a wide variety of people and invite them to speak into the vision, direction and development of the community. This style creates room for lots of people to lead, teach, create and serve, while still pursuing professional success in the marketplace.
Fiscally Lean: We meet in homes and coffee shops, and borrow space from another church. Because we’re not paying for a building every week, we’re able to use a larger percentage of money for outreach, mission, social engagement, and leadership development.

Home & Community Groups

We currently have Groups in Belgrade and Bozeman, as well as a Men’s Bible Study and a Group focused on families with teens. Our Groups meet at different times during the week. For safety, we also currently offer Micro-Groups. Click here for a current list and details.

All-Group Gatherings

We currently meet once a month on a Sunday evening for an All-Group Gathering. Our All-Group Gathering has a kids’ class and a Happy (Half) Hour with prepackaged snacks and drinks. Click here for dates and details.