Mosaic Chapel exists to help people grow closer to God.

Our mission is to connect with people far from God and the community of faith, offering a culture where we can:

  • Explore Jesus together
  • Challenge each other to grow in our faith
  • Discover our uniqueness and value as people of God
  • Make a positive difference in our world

A healthy, thriving community of faith can make a powerful difference in Bozeman. Bozeman is an incredible city, but it also has significant areas of brokenness, including struggling marriages, foster care deficiencies, and suicide rates. When people grow closer to God, we see marriages healed and families made whole, lonely people brought into relationship and people empowered to recognize and help the hurting.

What is Mosaic Chapel like?

There are some great, traditional churches in Bozeman. We believe there’s room for something different. Mosaic Chapel will be a combination of the following:

Home Groups – Smaller, life-giving communities where people know each other and can be known, led by well-trained and equipped leaders. These groups will meet in peoples’ homes 2-3 times a month. Groups will launch regularly and have end dates, making it easy for new people to join them.

Larger Gatherings – Music-rich and creative, these larger gatherings will bring all home groups together 1-2 times a month for worship, a Bible-based message and community. These larger gatherings will also be a platform for helping people connect with home groups and promoting outreach opportunities.

Why are we doing something different?

Studies have shown that most people today aren’t interested in traditional church. By exploring a model that combines smaller communities with a larger gathering, we can accomplish the following:

  1. Deeper relationships that help people grow
  2. More creative and engaging larger gatherings
  3. More time and resources to train effective small group leaders
  4. More time and energy in the church community to engage in local outreach opportunities