Mental Health is a real and present concern for many people. As we've walked through uncertain times, they've become an even greater issue. Mosaic Chapel is committed to created awareness, education and resources around the issues of mental health, anxiety, depression and suicide. This page is a variety of resources and ways you can get involved.

Mental Health Amidst CoVid-19
This document was researched and written by Pastor Angela Van Lierop. It was originally part of a training she did on the effects of the pandemic on our mental health and how to address it.

Gallatin County Mental Health Services
This link is Gallatin County's resources for mental health, temporary housing and food, and suicide prevention.
Only7seconds seeks to promote a movement and lifestyle to use the simple tools we have to fight isolation, especially amongst young people. We're working to partner with and support this non-profit organization.

Churches that Heal
Developed by Dr. Henry Cloud, this curriculum is designed to help churches be a place of healing and wholeness for people. A group at Mosaic Chapel demoed the material this past fall. We plan to do more "Churches that Heal" Groups in the near future. Contact Pastor Molly (info below) if you're interested in being a part of one.

Contact Pastor Molly, or any of our pastors, if you're interested in learning more about how we're addressing mental health issues at Mosaic Chapel, if you'd like to get involved, or if you're struggling mentally or emotionally. We're here to help.

Pastor Molly DuQue,, 406-219-0117
Pastor Angela Van Lierop,
Pastor Shon Ramey,
Pastor Liza Rollins (Kids & Youth Pastor),