Welcome to Mosaic Chapel Groups! Rather than a weekly church service, Mosaic Chapel meets each week in homes and in coffee shops. We share a meal and a discussion about God and faith. It’s warm, friendly and everyone is welcome! Some of our Groups have kids’ class, most have worship, and they all have community.

This fall, all of our Groups are going to take on a mission for one year. Our groups spent the summer praying together and discussing what they believe God is calling them to invest in. It’s really cool to see what each Group is doing! You can learn more about what we’re working on by checking out this video called “Groups on Mission.” 

Lastly, we understand this is an uncertain season and you may have questions about safety. It’s our goal for as many people as possible to feel safe coming to Home Groups. We also have a number of Groups that offer a Zoom option. You can learn more about our safety plan by checking out this page called “Safety Plan – Fall 2020.”


Bozeman Sunday 10AM

December Dates: 12/6, 12/13

Elements: Potluck Brunch, Kids Class, Zoom Option

Zoom Option: 10:30-11:30am  CLICK HERE TO JOIN VIA ZOOM

Mission: Serving Teachers, Parents and Students at Meadowlark Elementary

Hosted and Led by Justin and Molly DuQue

Contact Info: 406-219-0117, molly@mosaicchapel.org

Location: West Bozeman, near Billion Car Dealership, contact for address


Belgrade Sunday 10AM  *NEW GROUP

December Dates: 12/6, 12/13

Elements: Potluck Brunch, Kids Class

Mission: We’ll decide together! We’re passionate about serving foster kids, schools and kids and teens in need

Led by Shon and Deanna Ramey, Seth and Leeann Brandhagen, Billy DeBuse, Kimberly Bates

Contact Info: Shon – 406-580-6685, shon@mosaicchapel.org

Hosted by Shon and Deanna Ramey

Location: Four Corners, contact for address  *NEW LOCATION


Bozeman Sunday 5PM

December Dates: 12/6, 12/13

Elements: Dinner, kids are welcome

Mission: Creating awareness around anxiety, depression and suicide prevention, support www.only7seconds.life

Led by Tanner and Claire Ramey, Jonathan Crouch

Contact Info: Claire – 509-387-3145, soakingupdasun@gmail.com

Location: DuQue’s House, behind Billion Car Dealership – Contact Molly for address – 406-580-4224

Zoom Option 5:30pm-6:30pm: CLICK HERE TO JOIN VIA ZOOM


Bozeman Sunday 6:30PM Group *NEW GROUP

December Dates: 12/6, 12/13

Elements: Potluck Dinner, kids are welcome (kids’ class if we have multiple kids)

Mission: Support Gallatin Young Life

Hosted and Led by Paul and Angela Van Lierop – Please RSVP to Angela

Contact Info: Angela – 206-302-8845, angela@mosaicchapel.org 

Through December, this Group is meeting via Zoom: CLICK HERE TO JOIN VIA ZOOM


Men’s Bible Study – Bozeman Wednesdays 6AM

Fall 2020 Dates: Wednesdays at 6AM

Led by Shon Ramey

Contact Info: Shon – 406-580-6685, shon@mosaicchapel.org

Location: City Brew by Target, 1975 Cattail St, Bozeman


“Churches that Heal” by Dr. Henry Cloud  *New Group

Fall 2020 Dates: Oct 13, Oct 27, Nov 10, Nov 24, Dec 8

Time & Location: 5:30pm – 7:00pm, Social Hall at Christ the King Church, 4383 Durston Rd, Bozeman

“Churches that Heal” is a video curriculum created by Dr. Henry Cloud, author of Boundaries. This curriculum is two-fold. The first is a 5-week video teaching and discussion around our own mental health and wholeness, and how important that is when helping others. The second is several practical resources, designed specifically for people in the community of faith, to provide mental health support for others. We’ll do both over the course of the 5 weeks. Both men and women are welcome to attend. Workbooks will be provided.

Click here for an outline and details

Led by Pastor Molly DuQue

Contact Info: 406-219-0117, molly@mosaicchapel.org



When it becomes too cold for our Home Groups and All-Group Gatherings to meet outside, I’m asking everyone to please honor Governor Bullock’s request and wear a face covering while indoors at a Mosaic Chapel Group or Gathering. This means that when we’re indoors and not eating, we’ll wear face coverings. Please plan to bring your own. We’ll also have extra disposable ones available. This request comes after discussing the Directive with our leaders, our parent church Faith Chapel, and talking with our Home Group Hosts, the wonderful people in our community of faith who’ve graciously agreed to open their homes in an uncertain time. Thank you for taking this simple step to protect each other, honor the homes we’re meeting in, and create a safe environment where we can gather and worship.

Groups that meet in Coffee Shops are asked to honor whatever requests for face coverings asked of the shop.

Click here to learn more about our Fall 2020 Safety Plan.