Join us for home group! Details, addresses, contact info and what to expect below.

Home Groups & Mask Info are at the bottom of this page.

What to Expect at Home Groups this Summer: As we continue to weather this unique season, we’re prioritizing community this summer. Our plan is be together, eat yummy food, and build some friendships. We’re also organizing a variety of community projects. The experts agree – one of the best things we can do for our mental health, is to help others. This summer, our Home Groups are going to help at some schools, serve families in need through Family Promise, do a shoe drive for the LeMays adoption, and build some front yard libraries for One Heart Warriors. We’ll keep you posted on all the details.

On the weeks we don’t have home groups (or we’re doing service projects) we’ll post a teaching or devotional on our YouTube and Facebook pages.


As a church plant, we’re committed identifying who God has uniquely called Mosaic Chapel to be, right here in the Gallatin Valley. How has God called us to live out the Great Commission?

As part of that, this fall, all of our groups are going to take on a mission for one year. Right now, all our groups are praying together and discussing what they believe God is calling them to invest in this fall. It’s really cool to see some of the ideas beginning to form. You can learn more about what we’re working on by checking out this video called “Groups on Mission.” 



Sunday Bozeman Brunch Group
Sundays at 10am
August Dates: August 16, August 30
Location: West Bozeman off Babcock – contact for address
Hosted and Led by Justin and Molly DuQue
Contact:, 406-219-0117

***Sunday, August 16: is Sew-A-Thon: Masks for Schools***

Sunday Manhattan Brunch Group
August Dates: August 16, August 30
Location: Manhattan, near the high school – contact for address
Hosted and Led by Chris and Natalie LeMay
Contact:, 360-990-0704

***Sunday, August 16: Building Yard Libraries for One Heart Warrior***

Sunday Bozeman Dinner Group
August Dates: Saturday, August 15 (10am) and Sunday, August 30 (5pm)
Location: South Bozeman, near MSU – contact for address
Led by Tanner and Claire Ramey, Billy and Megan DeBuse, Jonathan Crouch
Hosted by Mike and Mary Gammill
Contact: Claire Ramey –, 509-387-3145

***Saturday, August 15: Walkway Painting at Chief Joseph Middle School***

Men’s Bible Study
Wednesdays at 6am
Join other guys getting into the Bible, building friendships and growing as men of God.
All guys are welcome! You’re welcome to just show up. If you’d like more info, contact
Location: City Brew by Target, 1975 Cattail St, Bozeman
Led by Shon Ramey
Contact: 406-580-6685,

Groups Launching this Fall:

Families with Teens: This new group in Bozeman will focus on families with teens!

Belgrade Groups: We plan to launch two new groups in Belgrade! Both these groups will be family-friendly and will focus on meeting local needs in Belgrade.


When the weather is good, all our Home Groups will meet outside. When we’re outside, masks are optional. Monday PM will continue to meet over Zoom. As long as the weather permits, our groups will continue to meet outside.

Regarding Masks Indoors: In the coming weeks, if weather doesn’t agree and groups need to meet inside, we’re going to defer first to the preference of the Home Group Host, and then the cooperative preference of the Home Group participants. Because Governor Bullock’s mask mandate applies to public indoor spaces, meeting in private homes is a grey area, so we’re going to practice our best judgment, and honor the people who are opening their homes and seek to help everyone to feel safe.

We’ll continue to address this topic on a week-to-week basis. We’ll be sure to let everyone know in advance what the expectations are for each group. 

Thank you for walking with us as we navigate this very unique season! We’re doing our best to response appropriately to what’s being asked of us, and ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable.