Our Mission

We exist to help people grow closer to God in Bozeman, Montana. Started in 2017, Mosaic Chapel is a Foursquare church plant sent out from Faith Chapel in Billings, MT. We are a non-traditional church that combines meeting in homes with large gatherings. A healthy, thriving community of faith can make a powerful difference in Bozeman. When people grow closer to God, we see marriages healed, kids cared for, families made whole, lonely people brought into relationship, and people empowered to recognize and help the hurting.

Mosaic chapel is a combination of…

Weekly COMMUNITY Groups

Smaller communities where people know each other and can be known, led by well-trained and equipped leaders. Groups launch new topics regularly, making it easy for new people to join them. Groups meeting in homes and coffee shops, and as groups grow, we start new ones. There are kids activities provided in some groups.
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Monthly Large Gatherings

Mosaic Chapel has a monthly large gathering/ church service held in Bozeman, where all our community groups come together for worship, Bible teaching and sharing stories of life change that is happening throughout Mosaic Chapel. Our church service lasts about 1 hour and is followed by snacks.
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