"Mosaic is a beautiful reflection of home. A place where you can come as you are, be who you authentically are and are love and embraced all the more.I started coming to Mosaic after only living in Bozeman for two weeks. It felt like a brave step to walk into a stranger's home for a home group the very first time. My small group leader, Molly quickly put me at ease with her invested effort to get to know me, connect me to others and make lunch plans with me later that week. I left that night feeling excited, hopeful and most importantly, known.Now, a year and a half later, I have deep-rooted relationships and a community I'm beyond grateful to be apart of. I love my Mosaic family, we are imperfect people that are learning, growing and loving each other as we navigate what it means to live life fully, and grow in our relationship with Jesus. No one has to do it alone, anyone can be apart of what we are doing...it may take a brave moment, but there are friendly faces who truly want to know you on the other side. Welcome in."


In our experience, people do that best in smaller communities where they are accepted as they are, and at the same time build supportive friendships that challenge them to be their best selves. Because of that, Mosaic Chapel has a non-traditional church model, combining weekly home and community groups with monthly large gatherings.

Mosaic chapel is a combination of…


Smaller communities where people know each other and can be known, led by well-trained and equipped leaders. Groups launch new topics regularly, making it easy for new people to join them. Groups meet in homes and coffee shops, and as Groups grow, we start new ones. There are kids’ classes in some Groups.
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Monthly All-Group Gatherings

Once a month, all our home and community Groups come together for an All-Group Gathering. We start with a potluck dinner, followed by music, teaching, taking communion, and celebrating stories of life change, including water baptism.
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July 2021 Update: Pastor Molly has decided it's time to identify the next Lead Pastor of Mosaic Chapel. Read the letter here with the details, search process and what the DuQues will be doing.